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recording artist


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Orchestral - Synth pop - AMBIENT - electronic - world beat - CHORAL

"Working with visuals, understanding a director's vision, and composing to support a picture, are where all my experiences in music come together. From being a live performer with hundreds of shows per year to being a recording artist with Atlantic Records and having my label for 15 CDs, I use it all now. Finding out as an adult that I have a form of synesthesia explains why I've always been able to 'see' music as color, shape, and movement. For instance, walking through a quiet museum can be, for me, awash in a cacophony of orchestral, synth-pop, and world music, all joyously overlapping. Being a producer, songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist means nothing between me and the music - my recording studio is my happy place. Collecting rare world instruments as a musicologist and sound designer led me to create my custom sample library. So everything I do - everything I've done - gets poured into composing for film, TV, and games. And the future looks bright! Thanks for listening."     -- Liz


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Liz Larin is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer, composer, and visual artist. She was born in Detroit, Michigan, her musical roots are deeply influenced by the sound and culture of Detroit. Liz Larin started her music career in the 1990s, when she signed with Atlantic Records, and has since released several albums, including "Hurricane," "Good Human," and "The Expedition."

Liz Larin's music is a blend of rock, pop, with electronic elements, and her songs are known for their strong hooks, emotive lyrics, and powerful vocals. She is also an accomplished guitarist and has been recognized for her skillful playing and innovative approach to the instrument.

In addition to her music career, Liz Larin is also a visual artist known for her creative spirit and unique style, often incorporating different elements of science, art, and fashion into her music and performances. Liz Larin has also been active in promoting the arts in the Detroit community, including working with organizations such as the Detroit Music Awards and members of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.



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Liz Larin - Composer - 248-917-8938


Bona Dea Music

Bona Dea Publishing ASCAP

Chez Moi Music BMI

MANAGEMENT \ Bona Dea Music: Detroit

BOOKING \ Digital Opts & Sound Design

1221 Bowers #2045 · Birmingham, MI 48012 248-917-8938


PRESS \ Bona Dea Music: Detroit - 248-917-8938

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